Since established in 1979 as one of furniture manufacturer in the world PT. Superpoly Industry has been producing many kinds of furniture products such as foam, cushion, mattress, dining sets, sofa sets and also springbed.

Currently, we supply to whole seller, hotel and restaurant. Our main export markets are : USA, Canada, Europe, East Europe, Australia, Japan and Middle East. We event accept custom design from our clients conditioning the order is in large quantity. Our export capacity is approximately 20 x 40 FCL Container per month.


Becoming notable company in furniture and similar area. Guarantee satisfaction of customer to the quality of goods produced by PT. Superpoly Industry.


Maintain and even improve the quality of goods which are produced by PT. Superpoly Industry Giving service of post sell promising / gratifying to customer

Should you be interested to visit our production site and our showroom, please feel free to call on/contact us. It will be a pleasure / an honour for us to welcome you

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Nama Saya Subhan. Saya asli dari Batang.

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