Crative & Multimedia Company that provides service such as:

– Branding

– Graphic Design

– Photography

– Audio/Video Production

– Print

– Digital Marketing Campaign

– Social Media Services

Currently we are developing our own products. which one of the are an

online media company that provides wide range contents such as:


Technology, Gadget, Tips, Productivity, Work, Lifestyle, How to, DIY, Futurism, Edutainment, Education and  also Entertainment.


That targeted for modern day people with their busy schedule so they can find content that might help them to prepare them self to face the uncertainly of fast changing future, while we delivering the contents it in a semi-casual manner kinda vibe. Then they’ll realise it’s way better than watching cat videos.





To be the media company that can fulfil the needs and curiosity about recent and future technology that other mainstream media doesn’t bother to cover.


While in the same time hoping to broaden the way of thinking of our reader by providing top quality content, we’re hoping we can expanded our knowledge by always listening feedback and suggestion from our loyal readers.


We’re also don’t want to miss out the opportunity to be a part in this exciting era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, hopefully by doing what we do we can give positive contribution to the economic state of our beloved country no matter how small or big it will be.


We will put entirely our energy focusing to reach that goal, or die trying. 
God bless us all, amen.


And the most important thing, our dreams is that one day we can make this project as a platform so people can easily find many useful information from a broad range of topics, to better improve many aspects of their lives.

A Place to connect with people with same interest from different background which might lead them to collaborate doing some productive project on the weekends for fun, or even doing bigger project that would might create more jobs.


So if you don’t think what we’re planning to do doesn’t matters or interest you at all, we advised you to find another job.


Because we can promise you one thing. We guaranteed the process will going to be fun, because we will learn a lot of exciting stuff as we move forward that will broaden our views about many things.


But let us remind you that we do realise the thing about achieving this dream.


IT’S NOT GONNA BE EASY! Because nothing good comes easily.


If you still here and wan’t to know more information about our organisation, read below





Quirky and creatively chaotic,  


The MOJODOJO is all about change, freedom, variability, and blue-sky thinking. 

Though it provides its employees with a safe and nurturing family-like environment, you surely won’t feel bored or restricted at the office 


— it will encourage you to think and act independently, question the status quo, and try your hand at many different projects. Initiative is highly valued in here, but it doesn’t push its employees too hard and it certainly won’t trample over them to achieve its goals. 


Far up in the clouds and a bit spaced-out, the MOJODOJO is a harmonious place where collaboration is emphasized and employee growth and satisfaction are a topmost priority. 


When successful, MOJODOJO goes sky-high, paving the way towards innovation and change, whilst remaining flexible and chilled out.


On the opposite extreme, however, it might become a bit disorganized and absorbed by castles in the sky, compromising quality of work and losing sight of professional objectives.



  • One of the founder of APPERKAT STUDIOS also one of the Co-Founder of an Indonesian entertainment website



More Information


Nama Saya Subhan. Saya asli dari Batang.

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